PHI Air Medical
  • - 001 EMT - Dallas, TX
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Full Time 7&7


  • Respond to emergent  requests calmly, promptly and efficiently
  • Administer basic and advanced life support to patients at the scene, in route to the hospital via ground transportation and in a pre-hospital setting in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards and in accordance with company policies and guidelines.  
  • Assess the nature and extent of injury or illness to establish and prioritize medical procedures to be followed
  • Treat patients at the scene and in route to the hospital in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards
  • Administer medications and perform procedures consistent with E.M.T certification and governing medical authorities
  • Effectively communicate with professional medical personnel and treatment facilities to obtain instructions regarding further treatment and/or to arrange reception of patients to the appropriate center
  • Complete patient care, insurance, and evaluation forms or any additional required forms in a competent and timely fashion
  • Maintain certifications for driving and operating specially equipped emergency vehicles to specified locations at a safe and controlled speed. Operating specially equipped emergency vehicles must be done in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards
  • Ensure that vehicles are in good working condition at all times and are properly maintained and stocked.  Ensure vehicles have all necessary equipment per governing authorities and that all equipment is in good working order at all times
  • Clean, organize and restock vehicles in a ready condition after each transport
  • Receive and respond to requests for emergent ambulance services and other duty related communication via two-way radio or other communication devices
  • Properly document each transport on the approved Patient Care Report in accordance with Company Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure that state motor vehicle department regulations, rules and laws are followed appropriately
  • Enhance professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, CQI reviews, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops
  • Maintain a thorough working knowledge of local geography including maps, streets, and grid book systems
  • Maintain a thorough working knowledge of applicable current standards of care, including equipment functions and uses
  • Ensure that all certifications, licenses and registrations are current
  • Accountable for ensuring corporate Safety Management System activities are being effectively applied by staff personnel with PHI Air Medical
  • Promote PHI's Destination Zero initiative.
  • Any other duties as assigned


  • Two 24 hour shift every week


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Current and unrestricted state certification/license as an Emergency Medical Technician.
  • Current required AHA certifications (BLS) and PHTLS or ITLS.
  • Driver's License, Ambulance Driver, Medical Examiner, and  local emergency medical services authorities certification as applicable
  • EMS Provider or Fire Service experience is preferred
  • Effective human relations skills
  • Competent computer abilities for electronic charting
  • Advanced degree in related field preferred
  • Must be able to pass post hire functional capacity exam (strength and flexibility assessment), drug screening and background screen


  • Regular pay scale applies


  • Safe. We are absolute in our belief in the tenets of Destination Zero and that Zero is not only achievable, but the only acceptable outcome.
  • Efficient. We are focused on outcomes that are smart and responsible by making the best use of our resources to maximize overall productivity and achieve sustainable profitability as a high performing organization. 
  • Quality. We are committed to ensuring excellent organizational performance which produces sustainable and reliable outcomes.
  • Service. We are dedicated to the service of our customers, our communities and each other.


  • Drive & Energy – The ability to maintain a fast pace and continue to produce during exhausting circumstances.
  • Functional & Technical Expertise – Allows the individual to add organizational value through unique expertise and serve as a resource to the organization within his/her area of expertise
  • High Standards – Sets the stage for continuous improvements, the adoption of best practices and ultimately influences organizational standards.
  • Initiative – Takes a proactive approach and takes action without being prompted.
  • Integrity – Acts ethically and honestly and applies those standards of behavior to daily work activities.

Hiring Manager: Jeremy Thomasson

PHI Air Medical
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