PHI Air Medical
  • - 3622E - Adm-AMG-HSEQ-EMS Mgmt/OE
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Full Time 5&2


  • Responsible to establish Flight Operations Quality Assurance reporting requirements
  • Receives, records, tracks, analyzes and responds to aviation safety action programs reports.
  • Maintains the aviation safety action programs database and facilitates the Event Review Committee (ERC) member access as needed.
  • Records specific repeated instances of noncompliance with 14 CFR and/or 49 CFR and informs ERC members if the same individual is involved in multiple violations.
  • Provides feedback to employees as required
  • Keeps senior management informed regarding Aviation Safety Action Programs and Flight Operations Quality Assurance program results
  • Is responsible for ensuring all activity complies with procedures as directed in the Aviation Safety Action Programs and Flight Operations Quality Assurance manuals, and other manuals, and will recommend appropriate changes to the manuals as appropriate.
  • Is responsible for ensuring all subordinate personnel accomplish tasks in compliance with the Aviation Safety Action Programs and Flight Operations Quality Assurance and other manuals.
  • As they occur, notify the Director of issues of Aviation Safety Action Programs and Flight Operations Quality Assurance manual noncompliance and any equipment, software and or process changes that challenge the accomplishment of  Flight Operations Quality Assurance program responsibilities
  • Assist the Director in direct interface with aircraft manufacturers, recording equipment providers and Flight Analysis Software providers, regarding Flight Operations Quality Assurance issues.
  • Manage fleet issues associated with collected flight data from the Flight Data Recorders and Solid State Quick Access Recorders as they relate to Flight Operations Quality Assurance activities.
  • Interface with Data Monitoring personnel for support of operational events to be clarified
  • Responsible for prescribing the requirements for all necessary Flight Operations Quality Assurance classroom and on-site training
  • Attend training, conferences, and seminars when appropriate.
  • Provide and/or supervise direct support to field based personnel maintaining Flight Operations Quality Assurance aircraft equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • 5 & 2
  • Phoenix, AZ


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Bachelor's degree in aviation, aviation safety, or aviation management or equivalent experience is preferred
  • Five (5) years of work experience at a Part 121/135 air carrier, three (3) of which should be in a safety specialty or an operational group covered by Aviation Safety Action Programs
  • Previous experience working with Aviation Safety Action Programs or an equivalent safety reporting system is preferred
  • Operational experience as a pilot, helicopter mechanic or Flight Operations Quality Assurance experience is preferred
  • Program/project management experience is preferred
  • Must have an aptitude for computer technology, Microsoft Operating Systems, different types of data structures and must be able to facilitate the appropriate software (e.g., word processors, databases, spreadsheets, etc.) with these data structures
  • Must be able to appropriately utilize aircraft manufacturer's manuals and technical standards
  • Must be able to coordinate work and ideas with other members of the technical staff


  • Regular pay scale applies


  • Safe. We are absolute in our belief in the tenets of Destination Zero and that Zero is not only achievable, but the only acceptable outcome.
  • Efficient. We are focused on outcomes that are smart and responsible by making the best use of our resources to maximize overall productivity and achieve sustainable profitability as a high performing organization. 
  • Quality. We are committed to ensuring excellent organizational performance which produces sustainable and reliable outcomes.
  • Service. We are dedicated to the service of our customers, our communities and each other.


  • Leader Identification - Effective performers identify with the role of leader and enjoy positions of responsibility and the exercise of authority. They understand that management is a distinct vocation and choose to be in a leadership position.
  • Organizing & Planning - Effective performers have strong organizing and planning skills that allow them to be highly productive and efficient. They manage their time wisely and effectively prioritize multiple competing tasks. They plan, organize, and actively manage meetings for maximum productivity.
  • Results Orientation - Effective performers maintain appropriate focus on outcomes and accomplishments. They are motivated by achievement and persist until the goal is reached. They convey a sense of urgency to make things happen. They respect the need to balance short- and long-term goals. They are driven by a need for closure.
  • Talent Management - Effective performers keep a continual eye on the talent pool, monitoring skills and needs of all team members. They expand the skills of staff through training, coaching, and development activities related to current and future jobs. They evaluate and articulate present performance and future potential to create opportunities for better use of staff abilities. They identify developmental needs and assist individuals in developing plans to improve themselves. They stay proficient in appropriate talent management processes, including best practices for prospecting, recruiting, selection, orientation, and succession management.
  • Team Management - Effective performers create and maintain functional work units. They understand the human dynamics of team formation and maintenance. They formulate team roles and actively recruit and select to build effective workgroups. They develop and communicate clear team goals and roles, and they provide a level of guidance and management appropriate to the circumstances. They reward team behavior and foster a team atmosphere in the workplace.
PHI Air Medical
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