PHI Air Medical
  • - 3623E - Adm-AMG-Strategic Growth-Mgmt
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Full Time 5&2


  • Provides leadership support and decision making for the management team of the assigned project
  • Leads and directs assigned business with the PHI Safety Management System (SMS) as its foundation
  • Risk Management and Profit and loss responsibility
  • Personnel oversight and relations
  • Ensures assigned projects are compliant with Local, State, Federal and PHI standards
  • Creates and executes strategic marketing and business plans
  • Drives efficient operations and accepts the role of steward of PHI resources
  • Creates and maintains meaningful internal and external business relationships
  • Represents PHI's best interest in legislative and political processes
  • Responds to and establishes command and control of internal emergencies / disasters as assigned
  • Oversees project contracts, contracted services and workers
  • Answers and resolves customer complaints
  • Maintains a collaborative environment between the vertical regulatory chains of command related to medical, operations, maintenance and administrative staff
  • Does not interfere with or allows others to interfere with operational control, medical control or maintenance      oversight
  • Building relationship with the management team, customers and employees to gain their trust and support    
  • Meet with CEO level personnel  to promote the team and secure contracts
  • Managing HR issues, hiring, running report on operations to better manage the business lines.
  • Participate in Continuous quality improvement, reviewing budget requirements, attending project meetings  
  • Thinks outside the box, views problems from new angles and undertakes projects never before attempted
  • Primary for base change management- leading internal stakeholders through a proven process to insure compliance during base openings, closures and moves
  • Regularly assist with the improvement of internal processes
  • Identifies and responds to Request for Proposals (RFPs) on behalf of the company
  • Excels in managing and being managed remotely
  • Travels to meet the business needs, domestically and internationally as needed


  • 5 & 2
  • Phoenix, AZ


  • Bachelor's Degree required and five years of PHI Health management experience OR ten years of equivalent PHI Health management experience in lieu of degree.
  • PHI Health Manager experience (Maintenance, Aviation, Clinical, or Business), Supervisors may be considered based on candidate's skills, experience and qualifications. EMS related experience a must.
  • Must possess good writing, speaking and interpersonal communication skills
  • Leadership skills and the ability to relate to a subordinate staff by leading, coaching and developing their leadership potential
  • Effective human relations skills are critical, as this position will work closely with physicians, national organizations, legislative representatives and all levels of staff.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-placement drug test and background screen


  • Regular pay scale applies


  • Safe. We are absolute in our belief in the tenets of Destination Zero and that Zero is not only achievable, but the only acceptable outcome.
  • Efficient. We are focused on outcomes that are smart and responsible by making the best use of our resources to maximize overall productivity and achieve sustainable profitability as a high performing organization. 
  • Quality. We are committed to ensuring excellent organizational performance which produces sustainable and reliable outcomes.
  • Service. We are dedicated to the service of our customers, our communities and each other.


  • Leader Identification - Effective performers identify with the role of leader and enjoy positions of responsibility and the exercise of authority. They understand that management is a distinct vocation and choose to be in a leadership position.
  • Organizing & Planning - Effective performers have strong organizing and planning skills that allow them to be highly productive and efficient. They manage their time wisely and effectively prioritize multiple competing tasks. They plan, organize, and actively manage meetings for maximum productivity.
  • Results Orientation - Effective performers maintain appropriate focus on outcomes and accomplishments. They are motivated by achievement and persist until the goal is reached. They convey a sense of urgency to make things happen. They respect the need to balance short- and long-term goals. They are driven by a need for closure.
  • Talent Management - Effective performers keep a continual eye on the talent pool, monitoring skills and needs of all team members. They expand the skills of staff through training, coaching, and development activities related to current and future jobs. They evaluate and articulate present performance and future potential to create opportunities for better use of staff abilities. They identify developmental needs and assist individuals in developing plans to improve themselves. They stay proficient in appropriate talent management processes, including best practices for prospecting, recruiting, selection, orientation, and succession management.
  • Team Management - Effective performers create and maintain functional work units. They understand the human dynamics of team formation and maintenance. They formulate team roles and actively recruit and select to build effective workgroups. They develop and communicate clear team goals and roles, and they provide a level of guidance and management appropriate to the circumstances. They reward team behavior and foster a team atmosphere in the workplace.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
PHI Air Medical


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