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Monticello is located in the south-central portion of Kentucky within the seat of Wayne County. The northern border of the county is framed by the beauty of Lake Cumberland and the southern border is formed by Tennessee. This part of the state is known for its natural beauty and lies in both the Eastern Kentucky coal fields and the Mississippian plateau. The population at the 2010 census was 6,188 with a median age of 37. August is warmest month in this location with a highest monthly average of 75 degrees January is coldest month with lowest monthly average of 35 degrees. The livability score for this area is 71, which is "very livable" compared to the national average of 70 in the US. The area offers sunny weather, low crime rates and many local amenities.
The cost of living in Monticello is an A+ rated at 77, with the comparison of the average of 100 within the US, making it a substantially less expensive area to live in. The cost of living is 12% lower than the Kentucky average and 23% lower than the national average. However, the median home value is 32% lower than the rest of Kentucky and 52% lower than the national average. Kentucky's general sales tax is 18% higher than the national average at 6% yet the state income tax is 10% lower than the national average which ranges from 2-6%. With approximately eleven public schools in Monticello within this region the average school test scores are 13% lower than the national average. Recreation at Lake Cumberland attracts many visitors and offers excellent fishing and boating as well as marinas. Forested hills offer many opportunities for hiking and biking and the city offers championship golf. Within the town there parks to enjoy and a historic downtown area to explore. For history buffs the area features attractions such as the Brown-Lanier house, with its prominent role as a home, headquarters and hospital before and after the Battle of Mill Springs and many other civil war sites. Nearby, and within the state, there are many attractions and activities that revolve around the state's well deserved pride of producing exceptional horses and bourbon. More unusual attractions are the Lost River Cave, Louisville Mega Cavern with its underground zip lines, the national Corvette museum and the Big South Fork scenic railway.


  • PHI Air Medical (operating under CAMTS guidelines)
  • EC 135 SPIFR/NVG (Instrument rating required) *Successful applicant will function and be paid as Captain, VFR until upgrade to SPIFR (6 - 12 months)
  • 24 Hrs. operations (day/night rotation)
  • If successful applicant requires aircraft transition - 1 year minimum service requirement per CBA
  • Relocation package is available - If relocation package is utilized - 2 year minimum service requirement per CBA
  • Housing will not be provided
  • If successful applicant for Lead Pilot position is assigned to the Monticello, KY base - job posting will revert to Line Pilot position


  • 7 & 7
  • Must live within 1 hour from the base


  • Commercial and Instrument Helicopter Ratings
  • First Class Medical
  • CAMTS Requirement // 2,000 Total Hours  // 1,500 Hours Helicopter // 1,000 Hours PIC Helicopters // 500 Hours Turbine Helicopters // 100 Hours in Unaided Night Operations or 50 Hours Unaided and 100 Hours Night Vision Goggles (NVG) // 75 Hours Instrument (Actual and Hooded)
  • 215 lbs. Body Weight Limit
  • EC 135 Qualified & Current Preferred
  • 2 Years EMS Experience Preferred // 100 Hours Mountain Time Preferred // 150 Hours Night Time or 10 Hours Night Time in Past 36 Months Preferred // Night Vision Goggles Experience Preferred // 200 Hours in Type Preferred // 100 Hours Instrument Time or 10 Hours Instrument Time in Past 36 Months Preferred
  • Strong Communication, Internal and External Customer Service Skills
  • Must be able to pass pre-placement exam including fuctional capacity exam (strength and flexibility assessment) and drug screening testing


  • Regular, Pilot Air Medical (PAM-BS) + Lead Pilot Bonus
  • No Geographic Difference



  • External search may run concurrently with internal job posting.
  • Successful applicant will participate in community outreach programs and adhere to PHI Air Medical policies.
  • Some lifting will be required to assist in the loading and unloading of patients and equipment.
  • Perform line pilot duties IAW GOM.
  • Support Safety Management System, Destination Zero, and other company safety campaigns.
  • Work with both internal and external customers to provide safe, efficient, courteous, and reliable service.


  • Under the supervision of Air Medical Base Supervisor/Business Operations Manager, Area Operations Manager and general direction of the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and the Manager of the Scheduling Department, insure a staff of pilots are maintained with the knowledge and skill required to operate the various types of aircraft at that base I.A.W. General Operations Manual (GOM) and FAA regulations.
  • Coordinates with Air Medical Base Supervisor/Business Operations Manager and Area Manager for business planning, marketing and efficient operation of EMS base.
  • Supervision of EMS base pilots to include, professional development, assessments, counseling and recommending disciplinary action as required.
  • Responsible to work with Air Medical Base Supervisor/Business Operations Manager for scheduling base pilots' occupational health compliance, safety training and assisting the Training Dept in the scheduling of recurrent training.
  • Per base scheduling duties to include monthly schedule, workover assignments and status, sick call,/vacation/open shift coverage, to include collaboration with other lead pilots, if necessary to cover open shifts.
  • If off duty and unavailable, the lead pilot will assure that open shifts are covered by a responsible party.
  • Timely distribution of monthly schedule to appropriate departments including timely updates regarding changes to Area Manager and appropriate offices/supervisors.
  • Responsible to work with Air Medical Base Supervisor/Business Operations Manager for base pilots' bonus /expense vouchers approvals for payment.
  • Audits routine base bills and processes for payment. Per other duties that may be assigned to them by the Air Medical Base Supervisor/Business Operations Manager and Area Operations Manager.
  • Insure that all paperwork and reports are neat, accurate and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Insure compliance with FAA Regulations and Company Policies and Procedures by all personnel under their supervision.
  • Keeps the Area and Maintenance Managers and Scheduling Dept informed of the operational status of his/her aircraft.
  • Participate in safety meetings and assist the base safety representatives in insuring flight safety, maintain a safe workplace and safety audits.


  • Safety - Taking responsibility to put the tools and processes in place that will ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you. The key components of Safety are:  System (SMS), Risk Management, Safety Assurance, Personal Responsibility, Discipline, Compliance (Integrity), and Capacity for Collective Action.
  • Efficiency - Ability to maximize the benefits and profits, while minimizing effort and expenditure. The key components of Efficiency are:  Process Efficiency, Organizational Efficiency, Resource Allocation & Maximization, Measurement and Accountability, and Organizational Transparency
  • Quality - Meeting the customers' needs and conditions for success over the long term and to the greatest extent possible. The key components of Quality are:  Leadership Position, Technology, Technical Proficiency, Measurement and Accountability, and Innovation.
  • Customer Service - Anticipates and meets the needs of both internal and external customers. Delivers high-quality products and services; is committed to continuous improvement. The key components of Customer Service are:  Communication, Consistency, Accessibility, Reliability, and Maintaining an Honest, Respectful and Professional Relationship.



  • Drive & Energy – The ability to maintain a fast pace and continue to produce during exhausting circumstances.
  • Functional & Technical Expertise – Allows the individual to add organizational value through unique expertise and serve as a resource to the organization within his/her area of expertise
  • High Standards – Sets the stage for continuous improvements, the adoption of best practices and ultimately influences organizational standards.
  • Initiative – Takes a proactive approach and takes action without being prompted.
  • Integrity – Acts ethically and honestly and applies those standards of behavior to daily work activities.
  • Conflict Management – Can recognize that conflict can be a valuable part of the decision-making process.
  • Mission Focus – Understands and supports the organization's mission – its core purpose of being.
  • Positive Impact – Can make positive impressions on those around you.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making – Can identify problems, solve them, act decisively, and show good judgment.
  • Team Player – Can identify with a larger organizational team and their role within it.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
PHI Air Medical


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